An exceptional table with delights for both the eyes and taste buds.

Need to recharge your batteries, to banish stress or to lose weight? Adopt our Detox nutrition concept, long-lasting for your health and followed by our dietician.
This organic gourmet cuisine, focused on vegetables and chasing fat and pesticides that could damage your organism, will bring you back to a natural and balanced nutrition.

Lunch Menu

Artichoke à la barigoule (stewed in olive oil) and smoked tomato salad

Shellfish risotto splashed with cuttlefish ink

Poached peach with verbena and cherry sorbet


Detox Menu

Assortment of heritage tomatoes with compressed watermelon and local fromage frais (130 calories)

Local fish carpaccio, organic young greens marinated with Asian savors (140 calories)

Shellfish ceviche, razor shell, whelk and clam marinated in citrus juice with compressed summer vegetables (100 calories)

Line-caught hake, white asparagus au gratin, cecina and spinach (180 calories)

Destructured chipiron (squid) with potato risotto

Emulsion of Bordier seaweed butter if you’re feeling gourmand… (130 calories)

Assortment of homemade ice cream, sorbet, granita and fresh fruit
(80 calories)

Strawberry Melba with Bourbon vanilla and grilled almonds
(70 calories)

Poached cherries with an almond sacristan and mamia and cherry sorbet (150 calories)

to €12.00 at €29.00

  • Seasonal recipe…

    Pan-sautéed scallops with braised salsify. Our Chef Christophe Grosjean reveals one of his winter recipes for a healthy and delightful meal. Fresh, simple and elegant!

  • The Chef & his team

    Christophe GROSJEAN, Chef at the Grand Hotel, takes you on a journey to discover French cuisine inspired by the Ocean and Basque Country traditions that showcases locally-sourced ingredients.

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