Rules of procedure

Règlement intérieur du Grand Hôtel de Saint-Jean-de-Luz


Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa is a private establishment accessible to the public, offering five-star (5*) hotel, spa, and thalassotherapy services. The Hotel’s rules of procedure are exhibited at all entry points. A paper or a Flashcode® digital copy is available at the Front Desk. Hence, everyone entering the Hotel is considered to have perused and agreed to these provisions.

The following terms are defined as such for these regulations:

Hotel: the entity responsible for the premises and services, including its staff.
Premises: all areas of the hotel, including rooms, communal areas, and staff areas.
Communal Areas: all areas accessible to visitors, including the front desk, shop, spa, restaurant, bar, terrace, all stairwells, corridors, landings, and entrance halls.
Visitor: anyone who enters the premises, including passers-by, hotel service providers, guests, and staff. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Guest: anyone who has booked a service with the hotel is welcome on the premises.

Orverall Organisation

The Premises are open and freely accessible 24/7.

At any time, the Hotel may require Visitors to comply with certain specific measures (restricted access, wearing of medical masks, etc.) for security or health reasons, even if no particular legislation imposes such measures.

Visitors must respect the Premises and their equipment (furniture, decorative elements, etc.) and report any damage, vandalism, or offensive behaviour, such as breach of decency, to the Hotel.

The use of the Premises must be carried out in such a way as to preserve tranquillity and not to undermine public order or morality, which implies compliance with the regulations and excludes any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. Expressly, the following actions are strictly prohibited:

• Smoking or vaping.
• Dressing indecently.
• Using, possessing, or distributing illegal drugs or dangerous products.
• Breaking the advice on use indicated by the pictograms displayed, notably those concerning lifts.
• Depositing rubbish outside the bins.
• Running, shouting, dancing, singing, causing a disturbance, playing games or engaging in sporting or religious activities, throwing or dropping objects, demonstrating, displaying banners or putting up inscriptions.
• Cluttering the Premises by storing anything such as bicycles, packages, suitcases, etc. Any suspicious object abandoned, chained to the furniture, or of dubious origin may, for security reasons, be sequestered or even damaged and destroyed at the sole expense and risk of its depositor.
• Behaving disrespectfully, inappropriately, or indecently toward Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa staff, or service providers

As a general rule, offenders will be held responsible for any damage or repairs, and violators may be asked to leave without claiming damages.

Communal Areas

Visitors who use the Communal Areas are expected to behave reasonably, including refraining from using a telephone in speaker mode, running, shouting, instigating, or taking part in any brawl or disturbance. Additionally, Visitors must dress appropriately in these areas. As such, it is forbidden to go bare-chested, and bathrobes must only be worn with a bathing suit or underwear when authorised.

As a general rule, Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa is pet-friendly. However, the Hotel reserves the right to deny access to Visitors with pets that may cause disturbance or be dangerous without proper muzzling.

Visitors, particularly service providers, must behave discreetly to maintain the tranquillity of other Visitors and Guests on the Premises.

Unauthorized Visitors are strictly prohibited from accessing staff-only areas, such as the car park, closed doors, or doors marked “Staff Entrance only” or “Restricted Area”.

– Aho Fina Restaurant

The restaurant is open to Visitors from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for breakfast, from 12:00 p.m. (noon) to 2:15 p.m. for lunch, and from 7:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. for dinner.

Guests may wear bathrobes during breakfast hours if they wish.

Pets are not allowed in the dining area.

Restaurant staff may refuse to serve any Visitor, particularly alcohol, for a legitimate reason as per the Consumer Code.

– Bar Le Clipper

The bar is open to Visitors from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Bar staff may refuse to serve any Visitor, particularly alcohol, for a legitimate reason as per the Consumer Code.

– Loreamar Spa Facility

The Loreamar facility includes a spa/thalassotherapy/fitness areas and a swimming pool.

Loreamar is open to Visitors daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for children under 13.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is mandatory to wear bathrobes and mules. Please also observe all the hygiene and safety rules displayed at the entrance of the Loreamar area.

Electronic devices such as phones and tablets must be turned off or put on silent mode while in this area. Lockers are available for the convenience of Loreamar customers; however, the Hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage of items not stored in them.

Pets are not allowed in the Loreamar facility.

By the French Consumer Code, staff may refuse or interrupt any service for a legitimate reason.

In particular, any inappropriate behaviour on the part of a customer during treatments (massages) will interrupt services and immediate expulsion from the premises. Under no circumstances will reimbursement be made for services interrupted in this manner

– Lifts

Lift users must respect the maximum weight capacities indicated on the lifts.

They must also behave in a considerate manner, prioritising individuals who cannot use the stairs and refraining from jumping or engaging in disruptive behaviour. They shall refrain from committing any damage whatsoever.

Any damage or necessary repairs resulting from such actions will be charged to the offenders.

– Restrooms

Restrooms are available to Visitors at all times.

All Visitors using the lavatories and toilets are required to leave them clean. They shall refrain from any form of damage or indecent or obscene behaviour.

Any damage or repairs will be charged to the offenders.


The Hotel rooms are provided exclusively for our Guests.


Pets are allowed on the premises only if under the supervision of their owners. Customers are expected to leave the “Attention, j’accompagne mon maître” (Be mindful, I am accompanying my master) sign on the door handle of their room to indicate that they have a pet with them. The Hotel will not be held liable for any consequences arising from the failure to display this sign. For instance, if the animal runs away or causes any damage, the Hotel will not be responsible for reimbursing the associated costs.

Also, please note that all the rooms are designated as non-smoking areas.

Any damage to the room, particularly the smell of smoke or damage caused by an animal, will be invoiced to the Guest at a cost of €250 for cleaning fees. The Hotel reserves the right to demand reimbursement of the costs actually incurred to restore the room if these exceed this amount.

If you require additional services such as room service, laundry, or minibar, please refer to the posters or cards in your room for further details.

When you depart, you may take any consumable items with you, but please be aware that any missing items will be charged. This includes items such as:

• Bathrobe,
• Bluetooth speaker,
• Champagne glasses and flutes,
• Pillows.

For the safety and protection of your valuables, any item worth more than € 500 should be stored in the safe provided in your room. If you fail to comply with this requirement and any items are reported missing due to theft, the Hotel’s responsibility will be limited to the maximum amount of € 500.

We kindly request that all Guests maintain a respectful attitude and dress appropriately when interacting with Hotel staff, even when in the privacy of their room. This includes when receiving room service or chambermaid service.

Thank you for being so cooperative.