The Loreamar Thalasso & Spa center uses seawater with acknowledged properties. Full of beneficial components, your skin and body tissue will relax and be softened, oxygenated, nourished, repaired, reinforced and toned.
The Loreamar Thalasso & Spa therefore offers the best in terms of fitness and wellness, combining the active properties of the seawater with the perks of a spa treatment, personalized benefits, serviceable personnel and an exceptional location on the oceanfront.

Private and unique

Located on the beach with only the view of the Atlantic Coast, the Loreamar Thalasso & Spa offers the most refined décor, combining natural light with exotic woods, seashells, pebble fountains and sheer, iridescent blue net curtains.

The indoor seawater pool seems to mirror the ocean waves outside and gives the space a rare atmosphere. Our cure programs are medicalized and have been formulated by our teams of specialists.

Scientific and medical guarantees

Scientific and Medical Doctor Blanchemaison warranty, a vascular physician and Marc Couget, a distinguished professional in the field of nutrition and a specialist on toxin-eliminating therapy.

  • The benefits of a Loreamar cure

    • Maximum 20-30 spa clients per day
    • A general and specific report at the beginning and end of your cure
    • Personalized assistance during and after your cure
    • A program adapted to your needs and general health
    • Individual fitness sessions
    • Daily massages

  • Installations

    • 20 sunlit treatment rooms
    • A heated seawater pool with multiple jets and underwater music
    • A hammam, a sauna and a multisensory shower
    • A resting area and tea room under magnificent arches
    • A fitness room with a private coaching room
    • A beauty salon
    • A hair care salon
    • A physical activity room

  • Competences

    A highly experienced professional and multidisciplinary team.

    • Osteopath
    • Acupuncturist
    • Fitness coaches
    • Naturopath
    • Beauticians
    • Massage therapists
    • Hydrotherapists

  • New since 2015

    With the American brand name SKINCEUTICALS, one of Europe’s leading skin care houses, we offer a range of exclusive treatments created based on the best therapies and techniques from across the world. From pampering massages and body care therapies to exceptional facials, you will be spoilt for choice.

Opening Hours

The Loreamar Thalasso & Spa is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Open for children under 16 years old, every day from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Thalasso & Spa Rules and Regulations

Show general sales conditions.

The team

Bertrand ROY DE LA CHAISE –  SPA Manager

A certified sports professor for 15 years and naturopath trained in therapeutic massage techniques by physiotherapists and osteopaths.
“Bertrand Roy de Lachaise loves the Basque Country for its quality of life and is passionate about outdoor sports. He has been attached to the Grand Hôtel since it opened, and collaborates with health professionals to develop the treatment programs.” He is in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the spa and its services and makes sure the treatments are compliant and that every detail is respected. He is a team leader and participates in the promotion and development of the seawater spa.

Stéphane MARTIN ROSSET – Licensed Osteopath

Stéphane Martin Rosset is a physiotherapist and osteopath and is our in-house licensed specialist. He is involved in our therapy programs in order to guarantee immediate efficiency and his treatments are intended to free the body of pain, tension and stress. His structural, digestive and cranial osteopathy techniques guarantee expertise and proven therapeutic effectiveness in our treatment center.

Corinne CALATAYUD – Head Beautician

Head Beautician at the Grand Hôtel since 2007, Corinne Calatayud is fascinated by the beauty business. She promotes Switzerland-based Valmont’s entire cosmetic product line with the help of her team. Specialized in anti-aging cosmetics, she develops efficient treatments with both visible and long-lasting effects.

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